Frequently Asked Questions

Always on Top

question_answer How do I make the popout player always stay on top of other windows?

The APIs for browser extensions do not expose any functionality to keep windows on top, so this is not possible through the extension alone (at least for now).

However, you can use third-party applications on Windows, like AutoHotkey, DeskPins, TurboTop, or DisplayFusion. To make this even easier/better, if you are using Firefox, you can use the Window Title Text (Preface) setting to add some custom text to the popout player window's title, which you can then use to target the popout player window in these applications.

For MacOS, you can try using SIMBL + Afloat, though your mileage may vary.

For Linux, depending on your distribution (and, more likely, your window manager), you probably have a way to set windows to always be on top without the need for additional software.

Data Collection

question_answer Does this extension collect any of my data/information?

No, absolutely not.

YouTube Popout Player requests permissions to add the controls (button, content menu, etc.) to YouTube videos and to close the original video's window/tab (when you have enabled the "Close Original Window/Tab" option). Permissions for browsers are still very generic, so the permissions needed to do these simple things can also do much more. Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox report these permissions differently (when you install or update the extension), but their descriptions are not very accurate for what YouTube Popout Player actually uses them for.

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Second Monitor/Screen

question_answer Can I open the popout player on a second display/monitor/screen? New!

Yes, if you use the "Use Previous Position" option and move the window to your second display (recommended), or if you use the "Specify Custom Position" option and set custom position coordinates that are within your second display.

Web browsers do not have native support for detecting multiple displays, so you cannot explicitly specify which display to use. Instead, positioning is relative to the top-left corner of your primary display, so the top and/or left coordinates will probably be negative if your secondary display is on the left of your primary display.

Video Unavailable

question_answer Why do some videos say "Video unavailable" when opened in the popout player?

The popout player uses YouTube's embedded video player. By default, all videos uploaded to YouTube can be used in the embedded video player, but all videos can be restricted from being able to be embedded. This means that the owner of the video has intentionally blocked the video from the embedded player, and, as such, it cannot be played through the popout player.