YouTube Popout Player Permissions

Permissions Overview

If you would like to know more about permissions in general, Mozilla has a support article about permissions, as well as a guide for assessing the safety of an extension.

Please submit a new issue if you are still concerned about the use of any of the following permissions so the information provided below can be updated to cover common concerns and answer common questions.

Required Permissions

Required Permissions

These are the required browser permissions for YouTube Popout Player.

  • Permissions Requested in Mozilla Firefox image
  • check Access your data for sites in the domain
  • check Access your data for sites in the domain
  • check Display notifications to you

Read/Access Data: This extensions does not read (or collect) or modify any of your data at all.

This permission is used to add the controls (button and context menu) and listen for the keyboard shortcut, which are used to open the popout player, on YouTube videos. This permission is requested for both the primary domain and the alternate domain (which is Google's attempt to provide a version of YouTube that has fewer tracking cookies), as these are the domains where YouTube videos are hosted.

Notifications: This extensions only shows a notification if the popout player cannot be opened at all.

In the extremely unlikely event that the popout player cannot be opened at all, a notification is displayed so that you know it tried but failed. Otherwise, it would seem like nothing happened at all, which can be confusing.

Additional/Optional Permissions

Additional/Optional Permissions

These are the additional optional browser permissions for YouTube Popout Player. These permissions are requested when needed, and the requests can be denied if you prefer not to grant the requested permissions. Note that denying requests for these permissions will disable the corresponding functionality (as listed below).

This extension does not read (or collect) your browsing history at all.

The Tabs permission is used to close the original window/tab (when configured via the "Close Original Window/Tab" option) after opening the popout player.

Denying this permission will disable the use of the "Close Original Window/Tab" setting.